Redefine the bottom-line, with the use of TMT steel

It is interesting to note that despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic, the consumption of steel bars and rods in the first 9 months of 2020 had gone up by as much as 11.4%, when compared to the previous year. This rise is a clear indication of the growth in production of TMT Bars during the period, thanks to the regular inflow of orders from infrastructure, building and construction sectors.

As more and more reputed builders and infrastructure developers realise that it would do well to be cost-conscious, they are also beginning to redefine bottom-line.

Cost advantages of using TMT steel

TMT steel bars are perceived to be more expensive by several small-time builders who end up opting for cheaper, sub-standard steel bars. This perception is a misnomer, because in addition to the monetary value, there are several aspects that must be considered while calculating the cost of a product. This includes quantity, longevity, ease of use, storage and transportation costs, labour cost, and other product benefits such as safety and reliability that are invaluable.

Keeping these in mind, here are some of the advantages of using TMT steel that is  manufactured by a reliable TMT steel bar manufacturer who has complete control over the manufacturing process, from end to end.

  1. TMT steel bars have higher tensile strength than ordinary steel bars. As a result, builders need to use less steel for construction. Thereby there is a sizeable cost advantage
  2. With the need to use a smaller number of steel bars for construction, builders will also need smaller storage facilities. This will automatically translate into lower storage rentals
  3. Transportation costs will also come down as builders will have to pay less for transporting less number of steel bars
  4. Malleable and ductile, TMT steel bars can be bent into various shapes and can be easily welded using conventional rutile coated electrodes of matching strength. They require no pre-warming or post-heat treatment after manual arc welding. As a result, construction workers find TMT steel bars easy to work with, on-site, resulting in reduced construction cost
  5. TMT steel rods come with the assurance of longevity and lower maintenance. Their corrosion-resistant features and superior bonding strength ensure that builders save on maintenance costs

As important as the monetary benefits of using TMT steel bars is the fact that these steel bars deliver physical safety in hazardous conditions. The manufacturing process creates higher ductility and enhanced elongation characteristics. As a result, in the eventuality of a seismic event, the structures made using TMT will be able to withstand the stress of sideways movement – keeping it intact and standing

Article By: RADHA TMT
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